a closer look: ivicos real-time translation feature

communication is a challenging task.

misunderstandings – even if we speak the same mother tongue – are an everyday phenomenon which can – especially in business – quickly become expensive. things get way more difficult with team members from different language backgrounds having to communicate. the real-time translation feature integrated in ivicos is a strikingly simple solution to this important problem.

imagine for instance an international team conducting an online workshop. the team is supposed to solve a problem and, due to travel restrictions, has decided to set up a series of video conferences. so far, so good.

the power of a real-time translation

the verbal information exchange within a team (in a jointly agreed working language) now is supported by a workspace on which every participant writes down core messages, arguments, solution ideas and much more in his or her native language. this content is immediately presented to all other team members in their respective native language.

in addition, each participant can use the function to quickly translate a contribution he or she wishes to make into the working language and thus support the formulation of a discussion contribution.

the magic moment

by the end of the meeting, every participant with only one click receives the meeting minutes in her/his own native language. this may sound unspectacular – once you made the experienced in an international team, you will be able to really appreciate the power of this innovative feature.

we expect a lot of services and applications adopting real-time translation in the near future. we are very much looking forward to this moment in the awareness that we have contributed to set this stone rolling.

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