introducing ivicos

the team behind ivicos welcomes you. covid-19 has caught us by surprise. we immediately decided to bring forward the public beta of our service. as a result, we want to support team workers around the world. explicitly in getting their work done. despite the restrictions we experience.

as a matter of fact, we are proud to announce the launch of the ivicos public beta in april. that is to say, the public beta will neither be perfect nor fully complete. indeed, there’s a lot more to come! however, ivicos is revolutionizing remote teamwork. it’s an app that hasn’t been conceived as an 1:1 transfer of a physical product such as a whiteboard. therefore, ivicos isn’t a virtual whiteboard. it’s not a device to organize documents and communications. ivicos is a #deepcollaboration device.

diving deep

fristly, #deepcollaboration isn’t about facilitating a stand-alone workshop. further, it’s not about jointly working on a text or presentation document. in fact, it’s about a process combining focused (individual) work with knowledge exchange, discussion and analysis in a team. in detail, it’s about a systematic use of divergent and convergent phases in driving a project forward. it’s about respecting scientific knowledge. for instance, cognition theory tells us that consolidation of information and knowledge often happens over night. consequently, we avoid having overburdened workshops. in a nutshell, #deepcollaboration is all about optimizing the way teams produce results!

we have decided that the public beta is going to be free of charge. until the major covid-19 related restrictions will be lifted, it is going to remain free of charge. given that, we want to return something to society. all not-for-profit organizations, including universities, will benefit from lifetime free access to:


the solution to our struggles

Tim Engartner, a professor from Goethe University in Frankfurt, was asked what he struggles with in his home office. “the current situation makes me aware of the limits of digitality”. we, the team behind ivicos, hope that with our new service we can make a difference. we want to contribute to pushing this boundary.

finally, we’d love to hear back from you! let us know what you think about ivicos. let us know which templates you’d like to see or bugs you’ve identified. we are curious to learn, if, after the crisis we will all return to our old habits. especially, on-site meetings involving overloaded agendas, heavy travelling and often poor results. we bet we won’t. people acknowledge that many things are possible remote. less travel means less burden. organizing 2 hour calls is easier than full day on-site meetings. less travel leads to less personal stress and less co2 emissions. in conclusion, many reasons for remote teamwork. we hope ivicos will become one more.

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