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a warm welcome to ivicos

we have all experienced in meetings. we talk a lot, we think that we have reached an agreement. there were good discussions, but after a week nobody could really describe the result. even the many photos of post-it walls were of no use. in addition, the few lines only reflected what was important to the writer. afterwards, a great powerpoint presentation is created. this presentation has nothing to do with what was worked out in a long meeting.

the new way

wouldn’t it make more sense, if everyone noted down what they wanted to contribute and what they consider important? wouldn’t it be better, if you focus on the content first, structure it correctly and then create beautiful slides?

ivicos supports all of this. keep coming back and you will learn the relevant tips and tricks. you will discover how to make sure that team meetings can be considered meaningful and productive again. at last, you will experience that the team members are satisfied with the results.

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