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to begin with, the discussion on how teams interact is not a recent one. however, in the last year, the new work debate experienced another peak. lots of debates have been going on about the conflict between hierarchy and agile work formats. now, the covid-19 global pandemic added another flavor to this. everybody – no matter at what level of hierarchy – was forced to experience what remote work feels like. new work is of course not only about remote. particularly, the freedom to work from home or a co-working space is an essential part of the concept.

undeniably, remote work will remain on the agenda after the covid-19 related restrictions are lifted. firstly, because we want to be prepared for potential 2nd wave of covid-19. remote working capabilities will become part of a resilient corporate or institutional structure. think about short temporary shifts to more remote work as a smart preventive move during the yearly influenza season. 

positive effects all around

secondly, we will start to learn from the experiences throughout the phase of restrictions. we started to develop habits for video conferences. we learned how to use virtual whiteboards, document collaboration tools and other communication devices. some things turned out to work better than expected. others have been rather disappointing.

as can be seen, the most interesting aspect was a pro & con-discussion which started to gain momentum. “yeah, maybe a couple of things didn’t work out well and sometimes the connection was bad. but, you know, I realized that not travelling not only saves cost for my company and reduces the co2-footprint. it also takes away personal stress and burden.”

there is a win-win-win situation. companies win (agility, resilience, savings for meeting-related travel and consumptions). the environment wins (co2 reductions) and employees win (reduced stress). as Bill Gates puts it: “there will be some things, like business trips, that I doubt will ever come back. I mean, there will be business trips, but less.” we don’t think that we will return to business as usual once the covid-19 restrictions are lifted. 

it ain't over till it's over: remote work space

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