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conceptualizing an entirely new product such as ivicos makes you circle a lot around your own ideas. when speaking about the development phase during which you translate your ideas into code, the catchword is user-centric development. the latter is comparatively easy for product categories users are familiar with. for radically new product categories user-centric development gets more complicated. the lack of a reference point (product category) doesn’t allow users to efficiently contribute to the development process. they cannot properly link their contribution to the overall “objective” of the development process.

therefore, we have decided to take a middle course by developing a first prototype. we are integrating user feedback during the development of the productive system.

your feedback is important to us

however, for the next phases we will need your valuable feedback more than ever. we aim to learn how you perceive the usability of specific workspace operations, the efficiency of ivicos. additionally, recognizing what you find attractive. and what your ideas for new features or templates might be.

as a user, you can at any point use the feedback form on our website. in this case, we’d like to thank you for having fueled us with ideas and feedback. further, we encourage you to continue do so. moreover, we will come up with a UX survey soon, which we will send to registered users. last but not least, we are looking for users interested in participating in user fora and development sessions. in case you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to send us an email to info@co-crate.com. you’ll be among the first ones to discover new features. we want to make ivicos better than you imagine a team collaboration platform could ever be. without the help of our great user community this will not be feasible. therefore, we count on and thank you for helping us make ivicos better every day.

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